The Cast

"The Wife and Mozer"- Kate
Interests: Loving her husband, raising her son to be a strong, happy, godly man; a good book, holistic living, adoption, homemaking, classical guitar, knitting, sunshine, Central America, natural childbirth, and writing children's books (a work in progress). Would like to own a goat.

"The Hubby and Pops"- Scott
Interests: The wife, the boy, working with the hands, good food, strongish drink, travel, camping, someday restoring a 1975-77 Ford Bronco.

"Mr. Toopweets"- Asher
A.K.A. Chunk face
Interests: Mom's bobos, talking with Dad, singing, tummy time, Edmund the stuffed elephant, reading, snuggling in bed with Mommy and Daddy.

"The Hound"- Gertrude
A.K.A. Gerdie, Gerds, Trudes, Turds, Turd Bucket, The Bucket
Interests: Sleeping, snoring, eating


"The Fickle Feline"- Stinky
Interests: Eating, laying in the sun, catnip, being obnoxious