Fare thee well

We had to say goodbye to a member of the family. Hobbes (the Maine Coon) has relocated to greener pastures, where he will be the only non-human.
He just couldn't handle being the number two man in the house.
It is hard to give up something you've raised since infant hood. The mommy in me cries, but it is for the best. Stinky will have a much better life now that he is not attacking her every 3 minutes. And we all know Stinky is #1 in the Cole household. Hobbes man is now living with my sister, Kristen. She is going to rename him Lobster or Hobby Lobby. I really hope it works out and he is sweet to the kids. He really is a great cat.
We will miss you Hobbesalicious.

This was written by Kate whilst signed in under Scott.

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Raquel said...

IM SO DEPRESSED RIGHT NOW. but i do agree its best for stink.