Fun day off together

Since Scott does not have normal days off from work, we have to make the most of every day off together we can. Today we enjoyed the beautiful weather at the Arboretum. It was kind of cold and there were 14 million moms with their strollers but it was still delightful. We found a nice secluded grassy patch under some trees and read a bit (Scott read the comics while I started Pillars of the Earth). Then we walked around a bit more and went home.
Afterwards we took a little nap (because we are old farts) and then went to B&N to look at decorating magazines for our new home that we will eventually own. It is funny because we have COMPLETELY different tastes in kitchens. We then had a lovely dinner and watched 'The Tudors'. We LOVE it-Pretty raunchy but very well done.
All in all it was another blissful day together.

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