15 reasons why I have the best husband ever:

1. He always takes the dog out and never complains

2. He puts up with my hormonal mood swings

3. He washes my night guard every night even if he is already comfy in bed

4. He is really good at manly things like working on the cars and fixin stuff

5. He makes me feel beautiful and ladylike

6. He is slow to anger and very quick to love

7. He has a "tool world" in the outside storage closet that I am not allowed to enter

8. He paints my toenails and likes it

9. He always puts my needs before his own

10. If ever he wakes up suddenly in the middle of the night, the first thing he says is, "What can I do for you?"

11. He is not messy

12. He inspires me to be the best wife I can be

13. His first response to any problem that comes up is to take my hand and pray

14. He cleans out the cat box because he is afraid that if I do it I will get toxoplasmosis

15. He can't keep a straight face when we argue

I love him.


Raquel said...

I like this post. Its inspiring.
Toxoplasmosis is caused by a helminth (worm) named toxoplasma ghandi. It lives in cats and stuff. It only affects prego people.
I know you know this but i learned it in Microbiology. I had to look at it under a microscope. Its gross.

Raquel said...

corection. gondii is how you spell it.