Celebrating the Second Year of Man and Wife Love

Originally for our anniversary we were planning on staying holed up in a hotel. Instead, in effort to save moolah, our wonderfully generous and hospitable friends Rob and Tiff offered us their sweet home, as they would be out of town. So with Gerds in tow, we headed to Ft. Worth (consequently the same city where the vows went down!).

We had such a fun, relaxing time just hanging out, enjoying and basking in the celebration of our wedded love. We made a big pallet in the living room floor by the fire and played 60+ games of Mancala and watched Benny and Joone and Elizabethtown. We also went to Sundance Square in downtown Ft. Worth to visit my favorite Barnes and Noble, eat at P.F. Cha Changs, and walk to The Ashton hotel where we spent our wedding night.

"Join us for Mancala hour!"

We have decided that I must be a vampire and just don't know it yet.



Yummy asparagus. I have had to start training my taste buds to like new things, having now fully embraced vegetarianism. It has been pretty liberating actually. I am no longer scared of onions and peppers. :)

The next day we went with Kraig to pick out my sweet guitar. It is really beautiful and will make beautiful music. But more on that later.



Tyler said...

beautiful blog, beautiful pictures, beautiful wife.
congrats all around!
please take a look at my blog if you get the chance!

Kate said...

**makes sign with hands mimicking a turtle on its back**

Scott said...
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Raquel said...

hahhahahaha kate your comment. i dont even know what thats about but its funny.
This was so cute! im so glad you had a good anniversary! Also a note about your taste buds. after becomming vegetarian, i started eating more veggies (obviously) and i really began to love them. Things that i usually wouldnt eat i now love. I still dont like celery. i dont know why. it tastes weird.
love u
congrats on the guitar

rob and tiff said...

pallet on the floor...nice
i'm glad you enjoyed your time