I know so many of you are needing an update on the Coles to breathe. Here you go:

-We moved in with my parents a little before Thanksgiving to save money in order to leave the country. Maybe Guatemala, maybe Australia, maybe England, or.. anywhere....... we have no idea at this point, just that we have to GO. We are just waiting for the word. It is really frustrating to not know one week to the other what you are going to be doing- it changes constantly. We need prayer for TRUST.

-I have decided to become a rock star. You can see me at a Potbellies near you in the distant future.

-I made most of my Christmas presents this year which was fun and took off A LOT of unnecessary stress.

-We are selling one of our cars to get rid of the payment. (Anyone need a 2003 Toyota Corolla? It's silver and pretty sweet) So slowly but surely getting used to having one car. Scott has started taking the DART which is interesting/scary at times.

-Scott found this website: http://www.netflixorigami.com/ It is really fun ny

-Despite our current circumstance and the lack of alone time that comes with it, Scott and I are madly and nauseatingly in love

-We are extremely blessed to have amazing friends that really help us through this unsure time. You know who you are and aren't.

-My mom graduated from nursing school!!!!!! After 3+ years of h-e-l-l she is finished! We are so so proud. She got a job at Presbyterian of Dallas in the Postpartum unit! WWWOOOHHHOOOO!

Mom getting pinned. Sorry so fuzzy.

Caleb was so excited to see Nana on the stage. He asked when she was going to sing.

-We have come to the realization that we absolutely HATE Christmastime and have decided that when we have a family, we are going to celebrate in February . Everything from the traffic, unnecessary gift-giving, lack of any kind of remembrance of why we have this holiday, people racking up debt on stuff that no one needs, charities that boast of "Doing the most good" (seriously?), to fricking Angel Trees that give kids MP3 players when there are MILLIONS of kids without even clean water. It you want a MP3 player that means you have a computer....... all I can really say is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only good thing about Christmas (the way Americans celebrate it) is the movies. Christmas Vacation, Santa Clause the Movie, The Snowman, Small One, ELF! And recently All I Want for Christmas. Greatness.

-Our two year anniversary is coming up!!! 12-28! These last two have been so wonderful that I cannot imagine what the next 80 are going to be like!

So that's about it I guess. You're welcome.

Gertrude says, "Merry Poopin Christmas"