Galaxy Drive-In

Scott got off early on Friday night so we decided to trek over to the Galaxy Drive-in Theatre. We left at about 6:15 even though the movie didn't start until 8. We figured that it would be pretty crowded. It only took us about 30 minutes to make the lovely drive, complete with PB&J sandwiches, Jeff Buckley, and a beautiful Texas sunset.

The drive-in is absolutely ADORABLE. Totally 1950's and no frills. We got there an hour and 15 minutes before it started, so we got a great seat (or parking place). They have restored all of the little speaker things and play oldies with their very own deejay until the show starts. I wanted to have a dance party..... maybe next time.

You can listen to the movie from the speakers or they give you a radio station to tune into. The sound was awesome!

It is a good thing we got there when we did because by 8:00 the place was PACKED with the line out on the highway. The movie didn't start until around 8:30 because all of the stragglers. So by this time we had been waiting for almost 2 hours and were kinda bored (next time we will take cards or a book or our dancing shoes). They found vintage shorts to play before the show which was super cute. Anywho, we saw Push first and then Taken. Two for the price of one!! $6 by the way. You really can't beat this date. SO much fun!! Both movies were pretty good and Liam Neeson kicked butt in Taken.... must be left over Jedi powers.

I really recommend going on out to the drive-in. They have 4 screens so there is something for every one! Just get there early and take a book!

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