Happy Mother's Day!

Our first meeting

For those of you who aren't already aware, I have the best mama in the world.

She was always right there throughout my childhood, teaching, guiding, and loving my sisters and me. I have the best memories of exploring nature, laughing till we hurt, learning at home, awesome birthday parties and holidays, but most of all- the constant presence and love. She was always there.

Now that I am grown, it is even more clear how much she sacrificed and cared for our family (and still does!). I call her every day with a question or to get her opinion......because my mom knows everything. It is such a comfort to know that no matter where life leads me, I will always have her there.

She planned my dream wedding

Three generations of mommys

My mama has not had an easy life, but has overcome everything with strength and grace. She went back to school and just graduated with a nursing degree! She just had brain surgery and was back to work in 3 weeks! I am telling you, she is one tough lady.

Graduation day!

Always making the BEST food for gatherings and holidays.

I love you so much. You have shown me what it means to love unconditionally and care even when it hurts. Thank you for everything you have been and done for us. I can only pray that I will be half the mom that you are to us. Happy Mother's day!
-Your Robin

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Raquel said...

this is really sweet. your mom IS strong. shes like a super woman. I cant believe that about her going back to work in 3 weeks!
I know youll be just as great of a mom too.