Life since we last spoke.....

Well we heard the heartbeat last week! 164 strong beats per minute. It was the best sound I have ever heard. It sinks in more and more each day that I actually have a little person inside of me. Everything I do/eat/hear/smell/say/think/touch/experience is not just affecting me anymore- there are two of us now! I am responsible for everything that comes in contact with our growing baby.....what an awesome gift! Our baby has no way of experiencing the outside world except through me and the decisions I make. I am so excited to only let peaceful, loving, and nurturing things enter my body for our baby. I feel like this great protector or something :). God is good and is opening my eyes even more to His great love for me through this pregnancy.

I am still sick, but have learned to take it one day at a time instead of looking ahead at how many more days until I feel better. Hearing the heartbeat also gave me more of a glimpse at what I am going through all of this for....and boy is it worth it!!!

We are moving on July 17th and are so very excited. I love our beautiful new home and can't wait to decorate and make it our own. The nursery is going to be so ccuutteeeee.

My sister is about to pop any day now with baby #3. I cannot wait to meet the little booger. I think he is going to be a bigun like his sister. I guess around 8lbs 10oz. (hopefully not the 9lbs 4 oz that Lily was... for Kristen's sake). We shall see.

I guess that's it. I will post a belly picture soon. It's gettin big folks.

p.s. Go see Away We Go. It is a good film.

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Brenna said...

So sweet! The heartbeat memory remains one of the most vivid. That's when it finally hit me, that all this was real. --- The first flutters are just a few weeks away and they're incredible!