Birthday Fun

Purdy birthday flowers from my sweetheart

We had such a wonderful, relaxing day for my birthday. Scott and I first went to my absolute favorite place for breakfast, The Original Pancake House. Oh so yummy. You would not believe how thankful I am to be able to eat again. It is so wonderful to actually be able to get out of bed at a decent hour and go places and EAT and feel good and no puking!! I honestly was having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but am SO THANKFUL that it is finally over. I am now able to concentrate more on enjoying this pregnancy and bonding with our sweet little baby....who by the way gave us the incredible gift of first kicks! Scott and my sisters were able to feel them from the outside! It is such a crazy sensation to feel someONE squirming around in your belly. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and can't get enough!
Anyway, after breakfast we piddled around the house hanging curtains and such and then took a nice nap. The family came over in the afternoon and got the party started! We went down to the pool to hang first.
Swimming with my man Caleb

I have really loved being able to swim for exercise. Feels so nice.

He is 4 and already snorkeling! He calls it a "goggle breathe" Such a doll!

Scott and Miss Lily Lu

After swimming for a while, we went back to our place and ate yummy lasagna and salad. My ffaavvoorriitteee. Baby liked it a lot too. Thank you baby. Then it was present time! I got some great contributions to my "stock the kitchen to be a good wifey" fund. There are just some important cooking/baking pieces that I don't have (another bread pan, cake pans, muffin tins, etc.). I always just improvise and it never really turns out well. So that will be fun :). My sister Kim got me this Belly Chime. It is so precious. Baby can hear the sweet chime bouncing against my belly and then after it is born, the sound will remind him/her of being in the womb.

Scott gave me a prenatal yoga DVD that I've been wanting and some delicious beeswax candles to burn now and at our birth (so I don't breathe toxins :). He is such a dear.

Happy birthday to me

Thank you to my wonderful husband and sweet family for making my birthday and everyday so special! I love you!

*Coming soon* 18 week belly. Beware.

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