5 New Mom Must-Haves

I am a minimalist by nature. I did NOT want my house overrun by plastic baby things. With that said, here is a list of things that I have found ESSENTIAL in new mommyhood.

1. My Moby Wrap. Asher is sleeping in it as I type this. If there is one baby thing that we cannot live without, it is our Moby wrap. Babywearing is very important to us and the Moby makes it easy and comfortable. Granted, our backs do ache at the end of a three hour nap, but I think they would totally break if we were using any other carrier. 16+ pounds of baby fat isn't easy to carry no matter how you do it! We use our wrap at least once a day and usually twice. Asher likes to take his morning nap in it and he goes in it when we are out shopping because I hate infant car seats and lugging them around; I would rather snuggle with him! Even if he is sleeping in the car, we can usually transport him into the wrap without him waking. Go here to read about the benefits of babywearing.

2. Aden and Anias blankets. These are great for everything but especially swaddling. They keep Asher warm but are also breathable. It's a good thing because he is SO hot natured.

3. Asher's woolie. I had one when I was a baby (still have it....) that I could NOT sleep without. My mom could put it anywhere (usually the floor of an airplane) and I would go to sleep. I hope Asher loves his just as much as I did mine. They are so soft and comforting. Check them out here

(Weird picture, I know. He was OUT!)
4.Baby Swing. I didn't want one. I thought they were "babysitters" and took the place of loving parenting.....then Asher came and we discovered that he was "passionately sensitive" and I am VERY glad my mom got us this. It is sometimes the only way we can get him to sleep. And Dr. Cindy told me that the swinging helps with brain development....so I'm okay with it now. Scott is just trying to figure out how to install an electrical outlet adapter because it EATS batteries.

(This is not me. hehe)
5. My BrestFriend. I use it every feeding when we aren't laying down. I just like the way I can strap it on and then go and pick Asher up. It stays on and we can get into the right position without a bunch of fidgeting. He falls in the cracks of the Boppy.

So there you go. If you are an expecting mom, I hope this helps!


Hannah said...

I TOTALLY agree with these! Although I had never heard of a woolie...might have to check that out for our next baby.

baby sling said...

Even if he is sleeping in the car, we can usually transport him into the wrap without him waking

Heather Dessinger said...

I am totally getting a woolie for baby #2!!!

John and Sarah said...

Oh those are all really cool. I will definitely be coming back to this blog when I get prego! Thanks for posting it!