Asher's First Zoo Trip

I had been wanting to take Toop to the zoo for a LONG time, but the weather has been yucky and Scott has been busy with house stuff whenever he has a day off. So when I saw that it was supposed to be beautiful outside, I put my foot down, declared a family day, and we were off! Mommy was more excited than the boys because she used to go to the Ft. Worth zoo all the time when she was little.

We took WAY too much stuff with us

First stop: pink flamingos!

I was so surprised that Ash wasn't scared of the gorillas at all. He gets scared when I sneeze...

I was nervous that the gorilla was going to hit the glass or something and freak him out....

Be one with the monkey

Scott with the chimp I said reminded me of him

"Rhinoceroses snort and snuff...."

**This is the point in the day where I spilled a huge drink all over the camera and video camera. You can see the damage in the pics below...that is until we cleaned the lens**

ELEPHANTS! My favorite part! I thought Asher would be more excited, but he just made the elephant noise over and over. They weren't really doing anything so maybe he didn't know they were real

He thought the giraffes were funny

Eatin lunch. How gorgeous are these boys?

Asher's first choo choo ride. Loved it!

Petting Zoo

Hop on Pop back to the car.

What a fun day! We got a yearly membership so we will be going back a lot! It will be even more fun when Tooper starts walking.....whenever that will be!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I hope to have one soon as well! Did you take him to the otters? Mine always love that part.


rob and tiff said...

pips always gets scared when i sneeze too :)