Thanks, Arthur !

I need to explain something before you watch this. It's not that funny the first time. Each time that you watch it however will exponentially raise the laugh quotient. Trust me. 10 times. That's 90 seconds.

Laughter is the best medicine.


Raquel said...

after your detailed explanation. I thought it was funny. I usually am very observant but maybe its that you really do have to watch it over and over because the video is so short that there is not enough time to catch all of the funny details. right?

John and Sarah said...

Much funnier after your following post. I get it now. Funny funny.

Chickenmommy said...

This is almost as funny as "dinettes, livingrooms... you want it, we got it!" Of course, I died laughing the very first time I watched it and it didn't ruin my life or my job or my family.