Today, you need to think...

Today, June 6th, marks the beginning of the Operation Overlord, namely the Invasion at Normandy. Our troops landed on Omaha beach as dawn approached. It marked the first time in the war that we had our head on straight. We were in a downward decline until that moment, based very much on the same lack of action as in the early 30's that let Hitler rise so quickly. America had decisions to make and the "leaders" thought they should "talk" with him...

One of the nominees for President feels he should "talk" with terrorist leaders of the world, namely Ahmadinejad (very reminiscent in his rise to power and similar in ideologies to Hitler...)

I interrupt my train of thought with a quote from this article, which you should read...Link

" There is one big difference between now and the 1930s. Although the West's lack of military preparedness and its political irresolution led to three solid years of devastating losses to Nazi Germany and imperial Japan, nevertheless when all the West's industrial and military forces were finally mobilized, the democracies were able to turn the tide and win decisively.But you cannot lose a nuclear war for three years and then come back. You cannot even sustain the will to resist for three years when you are first broken down morally by threats and then devastated by nuclear bombs.",

I have a very hard time imagining what America would be like in 4.5 years if B. Hussein gets elected. I hate to be the 1,000,000th person to say it, but I might become an expat. At least in body.

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