So here I sit, ready to rant on politiks. I'm not sure if it's a great idea, considering that my views are quite different from others. Ron Paul is my nomination for president in 2008. Who?!?! you ask... The only candidate (still in the race, by the way) that has any functioning brain matter whatsoever. Whatsoever is a fantastic word --it is all encompassing. He is the only candidate that would vote to cut his own salary (one one-hundredth of a percent of the Forbes average CEO salary). He doesn't care a thing about government programs that only serve to fill the needs of those who don't contribute (read: WELFARE). This isn't a socialist country (yet...) so why are we functioning as one? I'll tell you why -- because we continually and incrementally give up our civil liberties and Constitutional rights in order for the government to "HELP".
God said that he would be enough for us. I believe Him. I don't need a government to do anything for me. Anything. Ever. I am thankful that God blessed me with the opportunity to live in America. I don't hate it here. Anyone who says they do has never been to a country where people are hungry. I have. Bottom line = eating.

I haven't even started.

peace and love be yours in abundance.


Raquel said...

i definitely agree. surprise. i am interested to see the changes soon to come and i honestly fear for democratic candidates to be nominated and it is all because 80% of americans cant think for themselves (not a valid statistic, of course) we arent a socialist country so why are socialist ideas talked about by them? i donno i hope a miracle happends

Sadie said...

I am writing him in. You?

Sadie said...

okay, Sadie can't vote. That was from me. Ami

John and Sarah said...

I dont know who wrote this...Scott or Kate but I agree! John and I LOVE Ron Paul! He rocks! We are voting for him too! I agree on the welfare and "helping" stuff too. Try working at a non profit everyday where a majority of your clients think they deserve help....They are not working and have no desire...pisses me off while I am sitting there at WORK (I say a majority because a good amount of them are just down on their luck and very hard workers) But if the government just keeps giving money, that is going to continue to skrew up this downward cycle we are in right now. Im on a rant now. I will stop! Great post!