Caleb's Birthday at the Zoo

Yesterday we took the train to the Dallas Zoo for my nephew Caleb's 3rd birthday. It was fun but we got VERY wet. The theme of the adventure was Diego Jungle Safari. Kristen (my sister/Caleb's mom) had the cutest idea for us all to wear safari hats and the kids had a safari box complete with field journals, spotting scopes, compasses, a bean bag of fav animal, Diego stickers, and tattoos. We may have looked like crazies, but we were all more than willing to do it for Caleb. Scott and I also thought it would be funny to wear matching clothes with safari boots. Turns out it wasn't that funny.....only uncomfortable.
Once at the Zoo we saw a few animals. Lemurs, gorillas, penguins, alligators, chimps, flamingos, giant turtles, etc. Caleb had to stop and write about every animal in his field journal so we didn't move very fast. He is so amazing. Then it started to rain. Not rain, pour. We were walking and could see sheets of rain up ahead coming straight for us. We all ran to the indoor food court to wait it out. All except Scott who decided to run in the opposite direction of all of us and got lost. He claims that he was waiting in a separate food court but I don't think I believe him. I think he was just lost. We ate lunch and it never really let up so we just decided to go back to the train. It was really pouring now so we all booked it to the train and got drenched. All in all it was a fun trip, cut short by the rain but excited by it as well.
I cannot believe baby Caleb is 3 years old. It makes me really sad. My mom got him a bike for his birthday and he looked SO big riding it. He is a kid now. No more toddler. I am going to really miss him as a baby but know that he will be the most precious kid too. I love him so much.
Happy birthday big boy!
2 days old
Sweet baby
On the train
Checking out the penguins.
Writing about gorillas in his field journal
Scott being Scott
After a run in the rain. Lily didn't seam to mind. Kristen on the other hand.........
Kim of course found a broken umbrella in the trash and fixed it with some ribbon. It makes sense if you know her.
Nana and Caleb all wet.

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Raquel said...

how cute. Your sister is so creative. I can't believe how big he is. Kim fixing that umbrella is really funny and i think i agree with you on the scott thing. Sounds like a fun day!