"Butt Wipes"

And here we have yet another fun baby project. I've always known that I wanted to use cloth diapers on my babies. Partly because I'm obsessed with cotton and softness and comfort and partly because I do not want my baby's genitals to be sitting in crazy chemicals. (read this )
*Side note* We set up a registry the other day and got one of those welcome pack thingys that had a newborn pampers diaper in it. Scott took it out of the package and immediately started sneezing like crazy. No thank you

Anyway, back to the project. When I started looking online at cloth diaper websites, I saw that all of them sold and recommended using cloth wipes as well. They say it is easier because you can just throw the whole mess in the pail and washer without having to separate the wipe into the trash. They are also much cheaper than the "natural" chemical-free wipes because you just wash and reuse. Well, being the frugal gal that I am, I decided to make some myself. Seriously, how hard could sewing two pieces of flannel together be? I had some old flannel sheets lying around and decided to use them, making the project F-R-E-E!

My mom helped cut out the material and retaught me the art of machine sewing (I hate it). I had to cut, sew them together, cut up to the seam, wash and dry, and then cut the frayed edges.

Needless to say it was a bit more work than I originally thought- especially since I made 84 of them. I am such a perfectionist and probably took way too much time on them, but I love the result. They are so soft and cute.

I am going to keep them in this little basket on the changing table and spray them with a homemade solution of olive oil, baby wash, and essential oils to moisten and wipe. They are 8x8 and will fit into a regular wipe dispenser if I want them to.

The finished product. Precious, huh? The top one is the "fancy one" but the stitch took too long and used too much thread. So fun!

I know I'm weird. Don't care though. :)


Poefam said...

VERY VERY impressive!!! I'm anxious to try those g.diapers with another baby one day. But, they have flushable inserts! I'm not quite as brave as you! :)

Shannon said...

Yikes. 84 wipes. I am impressed! (And I agree with Poefam - you are one brave mama!)

Brenna said...

Wow! Those are nice! I took the lazy way out and bought cotton wash cloths...18 pack for $4 at Wallyworld.