The Nursery Part II

The Great Green Room

We decided to paint the nursery green. Since we had to go gender neutral, it was really either yellow or green to match our bedding. I read some about color therapy and everything said that yellow makes fussy we went with green. But not just any green, REALLY green. It took a few tester cans to get it right, but I am pleased with the bright, cheery finished product. I am usually afraid of color and tend to stick with neutrals.....but I like it. :)

The Book Shelf


We found this cute little book shelf at the same resale shop as the dresser for 10 big ones. It is solid wood and sturdy and I knew we could fix it up real cute like. Since Scott has been laboring over the crib for the last few months (more on THAT later), I decided to take on this little project myself. He sanded it, I primed and painted. We then popped the back part off to get rid of the lovely yellow. I really wanted to cover it with a cute fabric, but was having a hard time finding one to match the decor. Enter supermom. She found a random extra bed skirt on Ebay that is the same as my bedding so we decided to use that.

We put some batting on first and then glued/stapled the fabric.

Then Scooter nailed the back onto the shelf....and.....



So cute, huh?

Coming soon: An even bigger belly


Meg said...

So cute! Can't wait to see the crib...

Meg said...

Still waiting for the crib!

Brenna said...

You should open a cute vintage furniture store!