THE Crib!!

We got this crib back in like July off of Craigslist. I loved the vintage-y look and the fact that it is really well made. All of the new cribs are the kind that make into a full-sized bed and they just look like a headboard to me. So anyway, we knew when we bought it that it would need to be refinished (I wanted white furniture anyway), but had NO idea what a project it would turn out to be!


We also knew that we wanted to use no-VOC paint and primer so that the little one wouldn't get poisoned by the toxins in regular paint. But first, Scott had to tighten some of the rails and do some wood filling.

Next began the insane task of sanding. Look at all of those detailed spindles! It took FOREVER and was NOT easy because Scott wanted it absolutely perfectly smooth.

Then came priming, and sanding, and priming, and sanding again. I'm not too sure how many times this was done, but I know it was over the course of a few months! Once again, the spindles made painting very difficult because it was hard to get the brush strokes smooth.

When it was finally time to paint, Scott made a very disturbing discovery. Even though it was primed so well, the original mahogany stain was still seeping through and making the paint pink! Ah! SO frustrating! So....after many talks with the fine men at Elliot's Hardware, Scott finally found a solution. He got some no-odor Kilz spray primer and something to add to the paint that would make it thicker. So he primed and sanded (those dang drips!) and primed and sanded some more! Poor guy. THEN it was time to paint!

Nice hair babe.

Then we had yet ANOTHER set back. There is this guy in our complex that likes to walk his big fat dog with no leash which, may I add, is against the rules. Well, one day he comes walking by while Scott is working out in the garage. His dog runs into our garage, knocks the crib out of Scott's hand onto the ground, and TOTALLY nicked a huge piece out of it. I have never seen my husband so angry. Smoke was coming out of his ears. I mean, he was going on hour 349893 on this stinking crib! We kind of hate that dog. SO he had to fill that part of the wood and sand and prime and sand and prime get it.

He finally found an easier way to get to all of those dang spindles by hanging the railings from the garage door opener tracks. He is so smart. :)

So after I think three coats of paint with sanding in between, it was FINISHED! What a happy day. My sweet man put SO much hard work and time into this crib. It was definitely a labor of love. All of his days off for the last I don't know how long have been spent on this piece of furniture that our baby isn't even going to sleep in for some time!! Oh me. Have I mentioned what a blessing my husband is? Because he is amazing.

I love it! It looks so beautiful. All of Scott's hard work really paid off. It is flawless!

Tying on the bumper with Gertrude's help. Also, this is my wonderful flannel robe that I live in.

Pictures of the completely finished nursery coming soon!


Kimberly said...

Oh so cute!!! You guys did a great job.

Meg said...

Ab fab! At last. Now all you have to do is wait!