Blue or Green?

We are moving in 4 days and I need to figure out what color to paint Asher's room (even though all we do is change his diaper in there, sigh). It is either going to be the same green as his room is now, or a blue a few shades lighter than the blue in his bedding. We painted his room green before he was born because we did not know if he was a baby boy or girl. Now that we know, we can go blue crazy.....but I do love the green. What do YOU think?

This is also to show the completed nursery that I never posted:

This is our changing station. As you can see, I use the pegs on the shelf to hang his diaper covers between wearings. Also hanging is a little toy that Geemom rigged up for Asher to play with while we change him. One of those baskets holds his cloth wipes and the other holds powder, creams, nail clippers, etc.

The pictures on the wall are me and Scott as babies. Scott did the drawings of Humphrey the Elephant (a really sweet character from a really sweet series of children's books). Geemom (Scott's mom) made the cover and pillow for the rocking chair. It's hard to tell, but the buttons are made out of the same fabric as the pillow, which is the same as his bedding.

Don't mind the tater head.
I painted his letters after he was born.

Above is the poem and hand print picture that we made for Scott for father's day.

Scott's Aunt Nancy painted this for Asher. Isn't it the CUTEST thing? It matches his bedding perfectly!

So, blue or green??


Mommypotamus said...


Whittney said...

BLUE! Because I like blue better than green and it would be good to change it up from the apartment.

JB and Cindy said...

Green, you already have blue in the baby stuff so green is a nice touch :). Plus, you know I'm a HUGE green fan :))... But, really, who cares?! Afterall, the only thing that really matters is Asher will now be close by... And, we are NOT excited at ALL ;)

Poefam said...

GREENN!!!!Such a cute room, by the way!!!

Hannah grace said...

Hi my name is Hannah,i am 13(almost 14)I just found your blog and i really like it,you have the cutest baby and i have enjoyed looking at your post anyway i hope you don't mind me following you!!


John and Sarah said...

Blue!!! I like the green, but blue is a fun change, plus it will make the red chair pop.

joannalee said...

keep it green!

Debi said...

I vote GREEN - but what do I know about color??? Really, if I were you, I'd ask Justin. :)
BTW - LOVE the new blog design!!
Our guys are gona help ya'll Thursday.

Sadie said...

I think the green iss really pretty! And it's less work anyway.

-Sadie T.