Alright folks, we're back. It seems that the heat has taken the bloginess out of a lot of us....and a lot has happened since the last post, but we'll just jump right back in.

It seems like time is flying by at an unbelievable pace. I cannot believe Asher is 7 months old!!!! He is closer to being one than a newborn. It's kind of sad, but all of the new milestones and stages are even more fun than the last! He is crawling and pulling up on everything, so life has gotten a lot more exciting for us both. BUT he has also been teething like ca-ra-zee!! He is working on his 6th one- already has bottom two, and almost top four. Teething bites.

Here are some things we have been working on in the past few months:

Working on crawling

Trying food. Sweet potatoes, coconut oil, and breastmilk. He HATES food.

He loves his cup of water

We had his first rhythm lesson!

And piano! He is a natural!

And he found a friend

He has turned into such a little stinker! He is so funny and full of life and so much fun to be with. We still have our crazy days when I spend all day either trying to put him to sleep or keep him asleep, but I am trying to soak in every moment and enjoy every stage. Sometimes we will look over at him and he looks like a 4 year old already. Guess we need another one soon.....:)

Big beautiful boy

He's SO strong!

My boys. Man I love 'em.

Celebrating mommy's birthday

Silly boy!

That's all for now. Soon I will post about our vacation to Colorado and our new house!!!


Mommypotamus said...

Wow, you covered A LOT with this blog! Is he really 7 months old already? It feels like just yesterday that I bumped into you at LFWC while you were in labor. About the next one you mentioned . . .

Just kidding, no pressure ; - )

John and Sarah said...

Glad you are back in the blogging world! He is uber cute!

Anonymous said...