Blogging Challenge

In effort to get consistent on blogging, I have decided to enter the blogging challenge (thank you Meredith). It gives you a subject every day for 10 days. Sounds easy enough.....

Day 1 - A recent picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts.

1. I spent some of my childhood living in the Middle East- Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain. It was awesome.

2. I met my husband when I was 14 and married him when I was 19.

3. I LOVE history. I could read historical fiction all day every day. British history is my favorite ranging from the Plantagenet to Stuart era.

4. Asher's name means "happy" and "blessed" in Hebrew. It's funny because Scott's parents almost named him Happy. Kate and Happy Cole. :) I love names and hope to have lots of babies so I can name them (not the only reason).

5. I have a recurring dream that I am battling Voldemort but can't remember any spells besides "STUPIFY". It's so dang scary.

6. Scott and I were very close to moving to Nicaragua. We sold all of our stuff and moved in with my parents to save money. I got pregnant, then lost the baby, and then got pregnant, and then lost the baby, and then got pregnant again. We are still praying about what to do about the calling we have towards the Nicaraguan people. We hope to visit our Compassion children very soon.

7. I love to do laundry.

8. We are going to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia once I turn 25. Scott's company gives a nice contribution towards adoption. It would bring me so much joy if I were able to breastfeed her. I know she won't be a tiny baby, but maybe she will still want to nurse. :)

9. I love tattoos and have one that I am DYING to get on my foot but it's Scott's turn....

10. I wish I had some self-motivation and energy to keep the house more clean and organized. It bothers me so much.

11. I am the bargin shopping queen. I get it from my momma.

12. One of my favorite books and movies of all time is Little Women.

13. I could live on chocolate covered almonds. Dark chocolate, that is...

14. It really bothers me how women dress like prostitutes and then whine that men treat them like one.

15. I am deathly afraid of open water and fish tanks. I cannot swim in the deep end of the pool because I feel like I am in a tank and a shark is about to eat my legs.


Tana A said...

Love this! We actually have more in common than I realized! Our family is passionate about missions in Central/South America, I LOVE history, too, and I have a recurring dream that I am swimming in a huge tank with sharks, stingrays, killer whales, etc, and the sides are smooth so I can't get out. HATE that dream. But I can swim in pools, and someday you will, too! My house is usually fairly tidy, but not always clean or organized, and I still haven't made myself conquered that entirely. However, I do not love laundry, so I guess we can't be friends. That is definitely a deal breaker for me. (just kidding...)

Hannah said...

This was fun! I love the new blog design too..that's a great picture of ya'll!