Life in Bullets (because it's all I can finish right now!)

-This is Asher at a park that I used to play at all of the time when I was little. It's so fun to do things with him and take him to the same places that were special to me and stick out in my memories.

-We moved into our new house the first of September. It's been a lot of work, but we love it. Thankfully we are blessed with fantastic family and friends that have been a HUGE help with painting, unpacking, and such. Will post more details soon about our home.

-Asher just turned 9 months old. If you're a mom you can understand when I say, WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?? He is crawling at lightening speeds, pulling up and cruising on everything, and is such a little ham. It's so fun to watch his personality come alive as he is discovering more about the world. He still doesn't like solid food and is only breastfed, but at almost 30 lbs, I think we're doing okay. Sleep is still a challenge, but I don't mind too much about having to lay down with him because he will soon think hugs and kisses are gross. Sigh.

-I'm really really excited that Beauty and the Beast is coming out on DVD. Say what you want about Disney, but those movies were such an awesome part of my childhood and I love them.

-We got cable for the first time in our marriage because it was cheaper to get cable and internet than internet alone. We mostly watch HGTV, but also love How It's Made. It's like the best part of Mister Rogers when they go into the factories. Also, Sister Wives is so weird and ridiculous, but interesting too. We thankfully haven't been watching the TV much at all though....because when would we do that?

-I am really super excited that our friends Rob and Tiffany will be welcoming their baby girl soon and that I get to be a part of her birth team! It is such an honor and will be so much fun! They are going to be incredible parents and I know that God will work awesome things in their family. Also, everyone I know is pregnant.....I kinda wish I were too. :)

-Scott is going to build Asher an awesome swing set/fort soon. I am really excited about this. Isn't it funny the things that we get excited about nowadays? New diapers, baby shampoo, roller shades, doorbell button, socks, dish soap.....

-Asher is OBSESSED with books. He would sit in my lap all day reading if we could. He will be fussing and I'll say, "Would you like to read a book?" and he starts laughing and looking for his favorites. They are: Color Zoo, I'm as Quick as a Cricket, Animal Noises, Tails, Mommy Hugs, Moo Baa LaLaLa, and The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear. We have started going to story time at the library (even though it's for ages 1-3). I think he likes it. I like it too except when we have to dance in a circle around the room and I have to carry the sack of potatoes while all of the other kids can walk.

-I wish Chipotle and Jamba Juice had a drive through.

-I am SUPER excited about the Holidays coming up. We will be having Thanksgiving at our home for the first time. I've always wanted to host. :) And it will be Asher's first Christmas. So fun.

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Mommypotamus said...

Love it! Especially that last photo :)

rob and tiff said...

awww. i'm so excited to have you as part of our birth team too! you've already been such a huge blessing.

Whittney said...

I DVR Sister Wives too...what about House? Seems like something you would like. Ditto on the Disney movies. Part of my childhood and wonderful memories...I love me some Lion King!

John and Sarah said...

Love everything going on with yalL! So exciting. He is a cutie! I love that he loves books so much. Stay away from the tv...its so hard to stop once you have sucker. Love you and are glad you are doing so welL!!!