Blogging Challenge: Day 5

Day 5 - Short term goals for this month and dreams for your life ahead.

Goals for the month of November:

1. Plan and host an awesome Thanksgiving family dinner get-together.

2. Get more active: 30 day Shred and maybe join the rec center

3. Finish unpacking (which includes painting furniture to unpack onto/into)

4. Establish a realistic cleaning schedule and stick to it so things don't get out of hand.

5. Simplify wardrobe: only keep the things I wear and make a list of needed staples. I would like to only have 2 pairs of jeans, maybe some cords or khakis or other non-jeans, some long sleeve t-shirts, a few nicer shirts for church, and a black skirt. The end. Simple. Why do I need more than that? It's plenty. Besides, great hair, soft make-up, and well places accessories can make any outfit look good.

6. Have a garage sale.

7. Make ornaments for our Jesse Tree

8. Finally finish doula certification test

9. Pump 50 more ounces for the mother's milk bank

10. Start knitting season!

Dreams for my life ahead:

1. Get pregnant

2. Adopt a little girl from Ethiopia

3. Visit our Compassion children in Nicaragua

4. Finish our home updates

5. Go to England

6. See our children, nieces, and nephews come to know the Lord

7. Start homeschooling

8. Vacation to a beautiful beach somewhere

9. Buy an old Bronco for Scott and the sons to fix up

10. Grow older and more in love, soakin it up with my sssoooouuulllll mate (said like Uncle Rico)

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Whittney said...

I love reading about you! I too have a simple closet. Mostly because I want to put my $$ elsewhere. I recently heard that milk banks pasteurize breast milk leaving is devoid of almost all nutrients. I have done zero research on this, what do you know about it? Any thoughts?