A Tradition Saved

In the midst of all of the stress of packing and moving to our new house, Scott failed to secure a load of boxes in the back of a pick-up. This resulted in 23 years plus 3 generations of cherished Christmas ornaments decorating the lanes and shoulder of George Bush Turnpike. To say I was crushed is the understatement of the year. There was not one single box of possessions that meant more to me than that one. My wedding dress could have flown out and been run over 2989 times and it wouldn't have upset me more.
My mom made it a tradition throughout all of our growing-up years to let me and my sisters pick out a Hallmark ornament every year. She let us get whichever one we wanted, even if it was a dumb beaver postman or a dog in a basket for the 100th time. It was so fun to get them out every year and add to our collection. I don't know why we loved it so much; I guess traditions just mean a lot to kids. It's like they feel special knowing that someone cares enough to make lasting memories. Also, a couple of years ago my mom divided up some of her ornaments that she had kept forever along with some that were my Granny's (think beautiful glass globes and vintage stars) and gave them to my sisters and me. You can imagine the display of shattering glass in every sparkling color scattered all over the road.
I was sick when Scott told me. He said that he wasn't going to tell me and write a long letter of apology and give it to me in November. I don't remember when the last time was that I cried so much. Scott circled back around to try and salvage anything, but only found heads. My mom and I also went to the scene of the tragedy and found some squished boxes....SO, it sounds dumb, but I was really not looking forward to putting up a tree this year because I wouldn't have anything to put on it and it would just be a reminder.....

BUT, if you can believe it (and if you know her you can) my mom, the ebay/craigslist/google queen, found some of my old Hallmark ornaments on eBay! Good ole eBay! What a sweet momma I have!

My "Baby's First Christmas"

2nd Christmas- Always one of my favorites. He's fuzzy :)

Another favorite. This one was actually salvaged from the wreckage.

This is one I picked out when I was like 6. It's funny because it's supposed to be a "our new home" ornament. But it's what I wanted!

So now I have some of my favorite childhood ornaments back on the tree! Scott's mom also gave us some of her decorations from when he was little- our tree is filled with memories once more!
Nana also started Tooper out with his own set and got him his "Baby's 1st Christmas". It will be so fun to keep the tradition going!

"Ohhh Mom, I like this! It's heavy and glass...."

"It tastes good too!"

"Okay, give it to mommy"

"But I WANT it!!!"

Oh boy

Fat tears and everything

Mommy's a softie

Parents, don't forget to establish traditions with your kids. It means so much to them.
Thanks for saving our tradition, Mom. I LOVE you!


Whittney said...

I too am an ornament woman and I love traditions. So glad you have some of your favorites back.

Raquel said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Im so sorry that happened kate and your mom is just the greatest mom ever. (besides mine of course). How wonderful she is. wow.
So glad you got those ornaments and I love you!

John and Sarah said...

So sorry about your ornaments. So sad. I LOVE the pictures of Asher. what a cutie!

Ami Thompson said...

I love photo series of kids running the gamut of emotions. They do it so quickly!
Happy that you are able to replace some of the ornaments.

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