Well, Asher turned one on the 15th. I know everyone says this, but where is the time going?? It would make me sad, but every day he is more and more fun! Here are a few pics from his party...we had a bookworm theme because he is OBSESSED with reading!! I love it!

Everyone I know is pregnant. I'm SO ready. In His timing....

We are about to start major renovations on our kitchen. I'm excited. We are replacing the counters and back splash, painting the cabinets, installing a dish washer, building deeper cabinets to hold the dish washer, and new lighting and hardware. It's gonna be awesome. I'm so glad I married Mr. Handyman! This is our inspiration:

Pretty, right? I love white.

So Asher is pretty much the smartest one year old ever. He can:
-make the sound for tiger, elephant, snake, and duck
-say "turtle" "Gerdie" "Stinky" "Duck" "diaper" "shoes" "bye bye" "Hiieee" "Dada" "Mama" "Nana" and I'm sure I'm forgetting something
-I will say a part of one of his books like, "Children, children what do you see?" and he will go and find Brown Bear Brown Bear and bring it to me
-He signs "bird" "all done" and "bobos" (nursing)
-He loves to clap, wave, jump, reach his hands up to the sky, so high! so high! (from one of his books)
-He understands so much more than I realize and he blows me away with the things he responds to.

I've really been trying to get consistent with exercising (gotta get ready for our beach vaca this summer), but with a bum knee and hips/pelvis that are still feeling the punch of birthing a 10lb 9oz baby, it's been a slow and painful start. I've been doing 30 Day Shred...anyone have any other suggestions for something that is lower impact but still effective?

We have been taking Asher to an acupuncturist for his allergies (constant congestion). Scott got great results when he went for his environmental and car allergies so we are hoping Asher will too. It's so hard to have a congested baby who has to nurse to go to sleep. Not fun at all.

So ready for the sunshine and warm weather.

And for little man to start walking so we can spend more time outside and he won't constantly be doing this:

I've been reading One Thousand Gifts and it is rocking me down deep. Please, if you read anything this year (besides the Bible), read this book!!

I'm going to try and start blogging again....we'll see. :)


ForHisGlory said...

He is so cute! Have fun with your kitchen remodel. :)

John and Sarah said...

Great post! I Cannot believe he is already one!! How crazy! I loved reading this update and also love the inspiration for your new kitchen.