Chubby Baby Wears

Asher has just recently started to slim out since becoming more active. I'm not gonna lie, I hate to see his squishiness leave. Look at all these rolls!!

At 5 months

Anyway, it has been quite a challenge to find fat-baby-friendly garb....this is why Asher is wearing the same outfit as above in most of his pictures. After a year of searching, I have discovered the brands that just work better for Michelin men (and women) and thought I'd share them in case you are in the same predicament (and I may be mourning the loss of these sweet rolls just a little bit).


I kept Asher in one-piece outfits for as long as possible because all of the pants I found would dig into his gut and make him spit up. My two favorite brands are Zutano and Hanna Andersson. The elastic on Zutano pants is very thin and comfortable- I never had problems with these pants, even at the fattest stage. The CUTEST prints too.

Hanna Andersson's pants are also more generously cut, even for cloth diaper babies. I have had some luck with Gymboree, but their sizing is inconsistent.

Cloth Diaper Covers:

When Asher started sitting up I would always have to undo his diaper cover because it would dig in so much (I used Thirsties and Bummis). If only I had known about Gen-Y covers back then!! I just discovered them recently and LOVE them. They are snap covers so no scratchy velcro and the snaps are at the waist and legs so you can get a great fit. Check out their website here: Gen-Y Diapers. I got some seconds from their outlet and they are in perfect condition.


Asher has very wide and thick feet, pretty much like spheres. He is toying with the idea of walking soon, so I have been looking for some shoes. It's just as hard as finding pants! Even the Robeez are too narrow for him. I did some research and found Bobux. They are similar to Robeez but are cut wider and made from 100% ECOleather (Robeez have some synthetic materials). I love them! They are pricey if you buy them from their website, but I found some brand new ones on eBay for around $8-10 each. He also has some Pedipeds for when we are outside on rough surfaces, but they are still a bit big.
**Go read Dr. Cindy's Blog about the importance of children wearing soft-soled shoes**

I'm going to go kiss on some still-chubby cheeks now. :)

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